Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age for axe throwing?

You must be 18+ to throw an axe. All ages are allowed at the venue to eat and watch games, but an 18+ ID must be provided in order to throw axes. Additonally, a 21+ ID will be required to order or consume alcohol. PLEASE NOTE: We have a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking!

How do I get started?

After about 5 minutes of training, most guests are hitting the target and homing in on the bullseye. When the group feels ready, it is encouraged to try a variety of axe throwing target games. Instructions are in our axe throwing lanes and all around The Axe Bar facility. You are well on your way to being a precision thrower.

Do you sell food and drinks at The Axe Bar?

Yes! Check out our menu, we have some great bar food available! We have 24 beers on draft, plenty of craft beer to choose from, a great bottle beer selection, and liquor options available for those who do not prefer beer. We proudly serve coke products and other non-alcoholic beverages as well.

Is there a special price for large parties?

If you would like to reserve our party lane, please call and talk to a The Axe Bar team member for details: 217-888-0049

Do you accept walk-ins?

Absolutely! Although, we do offer an option online to reserve your lane. Since there is a high demand for Axe throwing in Champaign, we do suggest booking an axe throwing lane via our website. If you happen to walk in and there is a wait for a lane, we have plenty of other activities for you while you wait. You also may call ahead to see if there is a lane open for you. We encourage you to walk in and have a seat in our cocktail area while you wait. You also may get right in!

Can People come watch other axe throwers?

Absolutely, in fact we encourage it! Come on in and enjoy the fun! The Axe Bar has something in store for you. Must be a paying customer to watch.

How much does it cost?

$27.99 for one person per hour. 90 minutes is $37.99. Please note that our Axe coaches will spend about 5 minutes with you at first before your time starts. We encourage you to get here early for your reservation.

Does The Axe Bar have an axe throwing league?

Yes, please direct all questions regarding Axe throwing leagues to a team member.

What are some axe throwing games?

Standard Scoring and Rules:
Each person throws, recording the points from each round. The first person to 21 points wins! Are you looking to change it up? See who can score the lowest, reverse the points from the center out, making the bullseye one point & the outer ring five points!

A.X.E. B.A.R.
For this game, each ring of the target stands for a letter, and the goal of the game is to spell the word AXE BAR. Each player takes a turn throwing to try to spell out AXE BAR Variations include completing the word out of order, spelling it in order, or spelling it backward!

Around the World:
Hit a bullseye to start your way around the target. Next, you will hit each of the outer red dots, starting with the top left and going clockwise. After each of the red dots have been hit, a final bullseye wins the game!

What is considered to be appropriate attire?

For safety purposes, no open-toed shoes or sandals are permitted in the throwing pit area at The Axe Bar. Again – NO SANDALS OR FLIP FLOPS ARE PERMITTED. Otherwise, dress comfortably – you will be playing a sport after all!

Can I bring in my own axe?

Guests can bring axes as long as they are inspected by staff. NO RUBBER HANDLES ALLOWED!

What if my group does not follow the rules at The Axe Bar?

The Axe Bar reserves the right to terminate any guest’s experience if the rules aren’t being followed.

What should I wear?

You should wear comfortable attire — this is a sporting event after all! During the fall and winter, we do like to keep it cool, so a flannel shirt, sweater, or sweatshirt may be a good idea, we do not allow any open-toed shoes or sandals to be worn during hatchet and axe throwing. We repeat, SANDALS OR FLIP FLOPS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Closed toed shoes are required.

How long does training last?

Training lasts about 5 minutes. This time includes completing the mandatory waiver (if you haven’t done so before arriving), reviewing safety rules and procedures, and instruction on how to properly throw a hatchet.

Is it safe?

Safety is our highest priority at The Axe Bar. This is a very controlled environment, and each person who enters must go through a brief training session before they are allowed to begin hatchet and axe throwing. An axe coach will be present to assist you and insure safety of other throwers. PLEASE NOTE: If any participants in the throwing pit area fail to follow the rules, we reserve the right to dismiss that participant from the area with no refund. At The Axe Bar, we want to ensure the fun and safety of every one of our guests.

What should I bring?

Just yourself, closed-toe footwear, and an AXEcellent attitude! We have everything you need here for your hatchet and axe throwing experience!

What are the rules to axe throwing?

Respect the game, equipment, other visitors, and trainers Demonstrate good sportsmanship Listen to your throwing coach Stay in your own throwing lane Stay behind the indicated throwing line to avoid any axe throwing bounce back incidents Be courteous to those around you Help keep all equipment at The Axe Bar in good condition Do not engage in behavior that could endanger the safety of other visitors or staff No pushing, shoving, punching, kicking, or verbal threats or harassment Absolutely no drugs If our staff finds that you are too intoxicated, you will not be allowed to participate in axe throwing No underage drinking under ANY circumstances No open-toed shoes, sandals, or flip-flops

How do I book a reservation?

Check out our reservations page for information on pricing, group sizes, and our online booking portal. Large groups (over 20) will require assistance from us, so please contact the location where you are planning your party, and we will be happy to set you up!

What if I have to cancel?

We understand things come up and you may have to change your reservation. We simply ask for you to notify us as soon as possible when you know you have to cancel or reschedule.

What happens if I'm running late for my reservation?

Please call the location you made a reservation at if you are running late. We run a tight schedule that usually doesn’t give us much flexibility. Typically, we will be unable to make up the time you lost, but if we can, we definitely will. Please keep in mind that there will be no price adjustments if you lose time from your reservation due to being late.

Do I have to come in a group of 6?

The perfect size for a social throw down is 8 to 10 people. However, we accommodate smaller and larger groups based on availability.

Can I rent the entire venue?

Yes! The Axe Bar is the perfect place for a private party. We host fundraisers, team building events, and other corporate get-togethers. If you have a large group and are interested in renting the entire venue, please call the location and check for availability. We also host events during any day of the week per request. The cost of renting the entire venue varies throughout the week.

Can kids come to the party?

Yes! However we have to follow all city regulations and time that kids are allowed in the Axe throwing establishment. Obviously NO underage drinking is allowed and you must be 18 or older to throw axes.

Do you supply forks, plates, napkins if we bring a cake?

We ask that you bring your own plates and utensils, but if you run short or forget something, just ask one of our friendly team members.

Don't see the answer to your question? Give us a call at 217-888-0049!